Chapter TWO

Damian arrives at the wooden docks. The old ferryman stood at one end of a rickety old boat with an oar. The ferryman was literally an old bag of bones. Damian hops onto the boat and gives the ferryman a golden coin. “New York” says, Damian softly. The boat moves at a steady pace and after a few minutes it is engulfed in a purple light.
When the Light subsides, Damian finds himself in one of the hundreds of alleyways in New York. Now, his mission is to find the right one.  He treks the alleys and even scales a few building to remain out of sight. After all, a Demigod from the underworld appearing in the very city that had a catastrophic accident would be suspicious. Damian finds the roofs to be an ideal mode a transportation. He jumps into one shadow of the top of one building and pops out of the shadows of the adjacent building. A gift from his darkly powers.
Damian spots the lab and dives down the adjacent building into the shadows below. He falls into the shadows as if it were a pool and arises from the very shadows behind a scientist in a lab coat. “Whoa!” the scientist yells in startled tone. The scientist is a nervous wreck. “You have the stuff?” Asked Damian.
“Y-y-yeah, here it is.” The scientist presents a vial with a clear liquid in his shaky hand. Damian grabs it and carefully places it in a satchel attached to his belt. “You, you make sure Zeus gets that. If we find a way to kill the gods, then we are all doomed.” The scientist explains. “What’s your name, braniac?” asks Damian.
“My coworkers call me Hyperion.”
“If you love the gods so much then why are you helping the human radicals, Hyper?”
“Lord Hades sent me here ages ago to spy on them. He said he wanted to get in his brother’s good graces and that I may end up saving the world with the information I gave him.”
“Did he now?” Damian smiles. “Don’t worry I will make sure Zeus is alerted to this weapon. You can count on it!” Damian walks away with a huge smile. No doubt amazed in the amount of planning his father put into this plan. He was certain then that this would not fail.
Damian arrives at the temple, still hidden in the shadows. The temple houses several statues of Zeus even some metallic statues with L.E.D. lights for the lightning bolt. Little did the humans know that their demise hid behind one of these statues. Damian takes out the vial and looks at it for a long while. “Leave it to humans to ghost themselves. They never needed our help to do that.” Damian whispers under his breath.  Damian tosses the vial behind him towards the middle of the room. The vial breaks open into a million pieces unleashing the silent and invisible death. Within seconds the worshippers of the church are coughing, gagging, and puking. They end up puking out their intestines as their skin burns away. Damian is immune thanks to his godly blood. Poisons that effect humans don’t effect a Demigod. They are more resilient than that. Soon the streets around the temple are filled with dieing people. Streets are overflowing with blood and bodies.
The  ground begins to shake and rumble. A bolt of lightning crashes down into the earth and a figure appears from the smoke. Zeus, in all his glory has arrived. He wears his age old clean white toga and golden sandals. He has blond curly hair and a perfectly groomed beard. “What has happened!?” Zeus yells in shock, but his voice is over shadowed by the groans and blood curdling screams of the people. “No more perfect time than this.” whispered Damian as he took out the Helm of Darkness. Damian puts on the helm and hell is unleashed. The ground rumbles and cracks and the sky darkens while the moon is engulfed  in black like sacked cloth. Damian’s body begins absorbing all the shadows from the area. He can’t control his body and his powers grow exponentially. “What’s…going…on!?” Yells Damian in a panic. 
“You are doing what you were meant to do, son.” Says Hades through the helm. The souls of all the civilians in the area are absorbed by Damian and even Zeus is having a hard time fighting against the pull. Zeus finds Damian behind one of the pillars if the temple and tries to reach out to him but he is knocked back by the shear force. “Damian! Stop the madness!” Zeus yells in fury. “Fuck… all … of you!” Damian yells back as he explodes in a shadowy bomb that engulfs the entirety of New York.
Damian awakens to see the city in ruins. Dead bodies fill the streets and the silence of the dead can only be heard. Damian looks at where Zeus once stood and all that remained was a burnt lifeless corpse of the once all powerful god. Suddenly, a strong grip grabs a hold of the back of Damian and lifts him in the air. “You killed my father!” Yells his attacker and Damian is thrown into a collapsing pillar. Damian looks up to see Hercules marching towards him. Like his father he wore a toga, but he wore a golden armor underneath the white cloth. But even the armor had a hard time masking his massive muscles. “I’ll fucken kill you!” Hercules yells as he charges his father’s murderer. Damian was powerless to move. Using the helm had drained him completely.
There is a rumbling in the earth once again and Apollo arrives in a flash of light between them. Apollo is dressed in gold and red armor. He has an athletic physic and long dark hair. His eyes was glowing signifying that he was not going to tolerate any bull shit. “If Damian has murdered our father Zeus, than he must stand before the other gods.” States Apollo with a shaken voice. The death of Zeus has struck Apollo to the core, but he still maintains his composure to duty. 
“Fuck that. Zeus is dead. The world will be in chaos. I say we execute him now!” Hercules exclaims. 
Apollo is filled with angered and his skin crackles with bright blinding light. “Do you doubt the power of the gods!? Do you perceive us to be petty humans that will tear each other apart if there is chaos!?” Apollo yells.
Hercules stands silently knowing that he shouldn’t doubt the gods. He grabs Damian and slumps him over his shoulder. “You’re gonna burn, bitch.” Hercules whispers to him as they pass through a portal that Apollo has opened up.
They arrive in a massive room in Mount Olympia. The room is filled with chairs that are aligned in a circle with a  digital map of the world at the center. All the gods sat in the circle of seats ready to pass judgment. Ares sat in his battle armor impatiently waiting their arrival. Hera, Zeus’s wife sat in tears mourning over her husband’s death. She was draped in cloth and used those to soak up the tears. Poseidon gripped his trident tightly as if he were ready to impale Damian right then and there. Hephaestus was fixing the chains around Damian. Some of the chains glowed a luminous green that sapped his powers. Making sure there would be no defiance. All twelve gods were ready to pass judgment. Even Hades was amongst them with a disappointed look on his face. Apollo stood and calmly said, “Our great god Zeus has fallen. He was a father to some and a brother to other, but all of us have felt the pain. And this Demigod, this Damian has struck him down.”
“How could a mere Demigod kill a true god?” Asked Ares in pure curiosity. 
“With this…” Hades revealed the Helm of Darkness in a shameful manner. “I am shamed to say that my son had stolen my Helm of Darkness to murder Zeus. I am afraid the human part of him was to strong and he joined the human radicals.” 
“You bastard!” Damian yells at Hades.
“Ah, his hate for all gods including his father is heartbreaking.”
“So, your son was able to unleash the potential of the helm?” Ares asks. 
“It is shamefully so. My two greatest regrets collided today.” Hades said as he stared at his son. All Damian could do was grit his teeth and submit. He was powerless to do anything. “Then we shall put him to death!” Yells out Hera in grief.
“I shall do it. He was my son and he used my helm. He will forever wonder as one of the lost souls in my staff.” Hades offers almost to eagerly. Hades approaches Damian with his staff in hand. He raises it above his head and is ready to impale his son, but Damian interrupts him, “Dad… Hades, please. Look after Morrigan.”
“Don’t worry, you will meet here there.”
“Who needs an heir when you are the god of gods?” says Hades as he finally strikes down his son. Silence befalls the mountain and some can say they even saw Damian’s soul get absorbed into the orb. A terrible fate for a Demigod.