Chapter ONE

I awaken to the tight grip of hands clutching my body and dragging me down my apartment. A rude awakening in the middle of the night even for a powerful Demigod. I try to break free from my captors but each arm is stronger than a man’s and I refuse to use my powers in a building filled with civilians. My right arm squirms from the pain and shivers from the icy grip of the metallic hands. Thankfully my left arm is a modified prosthetic but I worry they may pinch a few wires. I already realized who these people were. They were not humans who sought vengeance upon the Demigodz, but they were an age old enemy that had stalked us during the war.
I look up at my abductors to see that it only took two of them to over power a sleeping Demigod. Two women to be precise. Two beautiful women with metallic piston driven arms attached with wires and tubes that drill into their spinal cord. These are the basic modifications of a Titan.
The women crash open the door at the lowest basement of my apartment. Even with such violence, they display every bit of womanly grace in the act. Then my mind starts to wonder what may lay beneath their leather clothes. More machines or perhaps an organic treat. My daydream is broken when they slam me down a metal chair and they wrap me in chains. Some of the chains glow a luminous green. Its purpose is made clear to me when I feel its effects almost immediately. “Sapping my powers. Well played, ladies.” I whisper.
I look up to see a shadowy figure emerge into the single light hovering over my head. Its still to dark to see, but I can make out a right artificial arm with a scythe etched on the bicep.
“Bult… correct? Son of Zeus” The man in the shadows inquires. He is reading a file. No doubt that its mine. “Leader of the infamous Demigodz… oh, my mistake. Former leader of the now disbanded Demigodz.” He says condescendingly.
“You know, with two beautiful women at your command, even a Titan Hunter could find something better to do with you time than stalk a broken down Demigod.” I look up at the two women with their stone cold faces. I was hoping to get some kind of reaction, but I guess I need to work on my game.
The Titan Hunter gets closer and closer to me. His face meets mine and I can smell his metallic breath. He is heavily modified. The only parts of him that seem human are his right side of his face and his right eye.
“Tell me… Where is Blakout?” He asks very slowly and intensely. 
“Haven’t you heard? He’s dead. He was killed right before my team disbanded.” I say nonchalantly.
“That’s bullshit! You and I both know that.! Just like we both know the Demigodz are all well and active.”
“You seem to know everything about me, but I know nothing about you.” I say calmly. The Hunter smirks and says, “I like it like that. That way we don’t get to attached to each other.” 
“Work with me here, Hunter. You want me to divulge my deepest darkest secrets to a complete stranger? At least wine and dine me first.” I said, trying to get whatever control on the situation I could. He inches closer to me to the point where all I can see is his human eye and he whispers, “Kronus.” I know that name. Leader of all the Titan Hunters. Hell, I even met him before. Back when he was more… human.
“Now, Blakout. Where is he?”
“Why so interested in a dead legend?”
“Legends don’t die, and this legend has taken something very important from us.”
“Your humanity?”
“No, that’s something all you Demigodz took from us. What Blakout took was what made him so powerful. You know what I’m talking about.”
“Yup, but why in the hell would I help you?”
“Because he took something very important from you too didn’t he? You don’t owe him any loyalty and what we get will only help this world. You Demigodz claim to make a better world. Well then, here is your chance.”
I take a deep breath and realize that this guys is damn good. He is right. I don’t owe Blakout anything. If anything he owes me. I resign to the fact of breaking my promise to never tell anyone about the events that happened that day. “For you to understand where he is, you have to understand how he got there. I have to start from the beginning.”
“Be my guest.” Kronus says as he pulls up a chair.

It all started before the War of the Gods. Before the destruction of Mount Olympia. Zeus ruled with an iron fist and half the human population was getting fed up. Riots and vandalism took the streets. Especially in cities with temples that worshipped Zeus. During all this there were two beings who sought to take advantage of all this chaos. Hades and his son Blakout. But before the war, we Demigodz went by our human names. It helped our human relationships as well as keeping us in touch with our human origins. Blakouts name was Damian. 
Damian rarely left the underworld except when his father sent him on a mission. At this time he was walking towards the throne room in his father’s palace. He was decked out in his demonic armor. It was bone plated armor that was scorched and molded by the fires of the underworld. His hair style made it look like he was growing a pair of horns on that scalp of his. Needless to say, he loved the dark brooding look. Upon arriving in the throne room, Blakout knelt before his father. 
Hades sat on a throne of human remains. He was dressed in a brown sacked cloth robe that was tattered and torn. At first glance he looked like an old bum, but if you look close you can see ripped and powerful god in a guise. In his right hand was a staff-sword. The blade was of black onyx and at the other end was a swirling red orb that was said to contain the souls of all fallen Demigodz. A grim fate for a Demigod if it were true. At the foot of Hades was good old Cerberus. The giant three headed pit bull. Legends say that one head can breath fire, another can breath smoke with embers, and the other can breath hot tar. This is one dog you don’t want breathing down your neck.
“You called, father?” asked Damian in a respectful manner. Hades rises from his throne and opens his arms. “My son, come. Now is the time we take our rightful throne.” Hades says in an unusual cheery manner. There was something creepy about seeing an evil old man that was  as giddy as  a child. Damian goes up to his father and Hades puts an arm around Damian’s shoulder. “The humans have made a breakthrough a few days ago. While trying to create a god slaying weapon. They failed and ended up making a new biological weapon.”
“What does it do?” Damian asks curiously.
“It makes the black plague look like the common cold. It kills virtually instantly and is extremely contagious. Best of all it is air born.”
“And how does that help us.”
“Even in all this strife, my brother Zeus, still has a soft spot for the mortals. He will come down and try to save them.”
“And that’s when you pop him, right?”
Hades gives out a small laughter and pats his son’s back then walks back to his throne and leans on it casually. “No, son. That’s when you ‘pop’ him.”
“What? Me? How the hell do I pull that off?” Damian asks in astonishment. 
“Simple.” Hades said as he took out a medieval looking helmet from behind the throne. The helmet was bone plated much like Damian’s armor, but was forged by the bones of various beasts. One of which was a dragon which gave the helmet devilish horns. Perfect for Damian’s sense of style. “This is the Helm of Darkness.” Hades  presents it with such pride. 

Kronus looks at me with disbelief, “Wait, wait, wait, the Helm of Darkness? That’s it? That’s how he started a war by turning invisible?”
I give out a little laughter of pride because I know more about this artifact than a Titan Hunter. “The helm turns the wearer invisible, true. But this helm was forged by Hades and Zeus together. Hades thought he can get away with giving it a special power only he can use, but the all powerful Zeus knew his brother all to well. So, Zeus made it that if the helm were to be worn by Hades it would break.”
“So? Hades tried to trick Zeus. What else is new?”
“Oh, ye, of so many interrupts. Hades had a back up plan, and that was his son. What do you think would happen if his son, who has a similar genetic make up as his father were to wear that helm?”
“So, Blakout was free from Zeus’s restrictions, but would be able to wield the true power of the helm.”
“Right on the money, now where was I before I was so rudely interrupted?”
Ah, yes, Damian takes the helm and cuffs it under his arm. “The modification you made to it is that powerful?” Damian asks suspiciously.
“Yes, son. Only a god can kill a god, but with that helm you can kill a god too.” Hades states proudly.
“And we can blame it on the ‘god slaying weapon’ the humans made and be free from the wrath of the other gods.” Damian figures it out.
“Right again, kiddo. Humans will be blamed and a new ruler will be needed. Who better than the second eldest who rules the damned?”
“Ok, I got it. But how do I get the weapon?”
“There is an alley behind the lab in New York. I had a talk with one of the scientists and he will be waiting for you there to give you the vial. All you need to do is break the vial in Zeus’s Temple in New York.” Hades sits back down in his throne.
“Gotta love human greed.” Damian says with a smile.
“Actually, you gotta love human’s faith in their gods.. You will understand when you meet him. Now, leave me.” Hades says while pointing Damian to the exit.
Upon leaving the throne room Damian notices some movement in the corner of his eye. It was his sister lurking in the shadows. Sweet little Morrigan. She is a 10 year old little Demigod. She is so young because Demigods in the godly realms like the underworld age at a phenomenally slower pace. But she was wiser than her years. 
“What are you doing there, Morrigan?” Damian says in a soft tone. Morrigan steps out of the shadows in her dirty old dress from the 1700’s. 
“I was just listening to you and dad. Are you really going to kill Uncle Zeus?” She ask with the innocence of a little girl. Damian gives her a warm smile and kneels at her level. He puts both his hands on both of her shoulders. “I’m afraid so, sis. Its time for a change in management.”
“But Zeus is so powerful. He is the god of gods.”
“You trust me?” Damian asks and waits for a reply from Morrigan. The little girl looks at the floor and back to her brother, “Yes. I trust you.” She says happily. Damian hugs her and whispers in her ear, “Soon we will be out of this black hell hole and we both can soak up the sun. Then all this bullshit won’t matter.” Damian lets go of her and heads off to docks where the ferryman awaits him to bring Damian into the mortal realm. “Good luck.” whispers Morrigan under her breath.