The Demigodz is a dark and gritty story of an alternate world. It is a world where the Greek gods really exist and their existence has dramatically shaped the world. The protagonist, Blakout, is a Demigod who sets out to destroy Zeus. In doing so, he tosses the world into a post-apocolyptic era where gods war with each other over the right to rule humanity, and The Demigodz must fight humans and gods a like to save themselves. Who ever wins this battle royale gets to shape the future for all humanity.

Angelo Buenaseda (Artist)
Email:  angelo3d@gmail.com

Angelo is currently studying at the Academy of Art University, majoring in 3D character modeling.  He is consider to be more of a character artist, but loves to dabble with anything art related.  Angelo's love of comic books is what inspired him to illustrate one of his very own.  The Demigodz is the first comic he has been involved in creating.  In the future, Angelo plans to keep producing further projects, so be on the look out!

Anthony Buenaseda (Writer)
Email:  konzaquence@gmail.com

Anthony is a student at Chaffey College and is majoring in nursing. Anthony has always had a natural talent for writing and all of his English professors have tried to steer him into the creative writing field. Although he chose a different field, he continues to hone his talent and learn more about writing. Anthony hopes to write a best selling book one day or create a comic book that reaches legendary status like the X-Men. The Demigodz is his first official project and is a collective inspiration of all the comics and books he has read over the past years. For more of his writing as well as a first look into Demigodz go to:http://konzaquence.wordpress.com/